Google extends added character benefits of Responsive Search Ads to text ads

You get an extra headline! And you get an extra headline! Oh, and you get a longer description, too.

Google will start rolling out its responsive search ads to more accounts in English, French, German and Spanish starting in September. Responsive text ads can display with three headlines and two descriptions with up to 90 characters each. In the meantime, the company is extending the added real estate benefits of these longer units to existing text ads.

Starting at the end of this month, advertisers will be able to add a third headline and a second description as long as 90 characters — as opposed to the traditional 80-character limit — to their text ads.

“While we work on improving responsive search ads across languages, it’s important to extend that same advantage to your existing text ads. That’s why, starting in late August, you’ll be able to add a third headline and second description to your text ads,” Google Ads announced in a blog post on Thursday.