‘Bing spotlight’ offers a news hub for information on evolving stories, powered by AI and human editors

Bing announced Monday a new way to deliver information around “impactful stories that evolve over a period of weeks or months.”  Called Bing spotlight, the feature offers a broad view of select news topics by curating a rundown of how they have developed over time. This includes a round up of the latest headlines on a topic, a timeline of how a story has evolved, relevant social media posts from people close to the story and different perspectives of a story from around the web.

In the center of the spotlight section is an image carousel with the latest headlines and graphics for the news topic. On its right is a “rundown” of how the news has developed over time. Below are sections for multiple perspectives of this news topic pulled from “high-quality sources” (more on how these are selected below) and on the right are the relevant social media posts around the topic.